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More Than Just Another Web Design Company

Who We Are

Don’t be fooled — web designers and internet marketers often get it wrong when dealing with a project. Cool features and tech-jargon buzzwords don’t matter. However, specially crafting a custom solution does, which is why Bounty Digital likes to focus on the important things you need: results.

What We Do

With a bounty of services, let’s focus on your bottom-line and figure out what works best for you. We love generating massive results for our clients, it’s only a matter of figuring out how we can get you there.

Website Design & Development

Does your website turn visitors into customers? If your website isn’t setup to drive sales, you’re missing out. Get a responsive design that not only looks nice but generates business. Work on every device, every time.

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Local SEO & Internet Marketing

Get discovered on the major search engines whenever someone is looking for your services. Local SEO helps you stay above the competition and generate more business. Are your customers able to find you?

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Social Media Marketing & Management

Want to know a secret? There’s a way to reach potential clients without them looking for you. Reach new customers where they are most of the time with our social media services and never risk missing a lead again.

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Bay Area Web Design & SEO Consultancy

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Want to know the truth about Internet Marketing Services? A lot of them tend to focus on the wrong things—buzzwords, tech jargon, and features aren’t what makes a digital marketing campaign successful, but rather dedicating the time and effort to understand a client’s needs and problems. You need more than just another Web Design Agency, you need real results.

Bounty Digital is a Bay Area Website Design Company in Fremont California that specializes in Web Design and SEO Services. We’ve managed to provide results for all of our clients, and only work with a select few of whom we are able to dedicate 100% of our time and effort into helping with their Internet Marketing. Contrary to popular belief, every web design agency and SEO consultancy isn’t built the same, and that’s why it’s important you work with a company who is focused on you and your results.

Let’s answer a quick question: does your website turn the majority of its visitors into customers? Or do they flee to your competitors? Our local web design strategy is a bit different than most website design firms. Rather than focus on bloating your website with cool features and things that don’t matter, we like to focus on who your customers are, what your company values are, and create a website that conveys value to your clients. Every website design we create is precisely crafted to provide an easy browsing experience for your clients, and is specifically designed to get them taking more action rather than just browsing.

Finding an SEO Firm that instills ethical and effective practices is imporant—cheap, spammy, and “black hat” tactics run the risk of destroying your website’s visibility, thus leading to sunk costs and lost business. Our SEO Services (search engine optimization) focus on helping you get discovered through search engines, like Google or Bing, when a customer searches for your service rather than your brand. What’s more, the landscape of Search Engine Marketing has changed drastically within the past few years, making it tougher to find a reliable and effective SEO Consultant. Our approach to Local SEO is to create a mapped-out plan that helps you generate more fresh leads and a better return on your online marketing investment.

Whether you need Web Design, Local SEO services, or Social Media Marketing, we’ve got you covered. Let’s focus on what matters to you and create a solution that that makes you and your customers happy. It’s time to stop hoping for the best and start making things happen. Let’s hunt down your results today.

Dead-Simple Success

Website design and Internet Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. Let’s make it as easy as possible for you with our three-step web design and seo consulting process.


Plan It

Let’s figure out your goals and create a plan that helps you reach them as quickly and effectively as possible. We only take on a project if it makes sense for you.

Build It

We take the blueprint of your plan and start to craft a solution relative to your objective. We carefully analyze what works, and build upon that until your project is complete.

Launch It

Your project is done, but our job isn’t. We continue to monitor performance for up to 90 days and make adjusments when needed. We’re not happy until you are.

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